Building software that is ready for a production environment is hard. Solving a problem by writing code includes trade-offs to consider when there isn’t always a definitive answer. As such some software projects these days start out on an empty piece of paper or Quip document. Writing out ideas in a design doc helps answer key questions such as what are the goals of the project? What solutions will help me achieve those goals? What are the trade-offs to consider? Do I have to work with any dependencies? What does my team think?

Senior engineers should be setting, if not…

As microservice architecture continues to rise in popularity, systems thinking becomes more relevant than ever. In Microservice Architecture (MSA), many services act in coordination to solve a larger problem. In monolithic architectures a single service is responsible for all responsibilities in solving a problem. In MSA, responsibility for solving one aspect of this larger problem is delegated to a single service. A retail system for example is responsible for selling products to customers. This system may consist of many services such as one for inventory management, another service for checkout, and another service to manage shipping. …

Nick Peters

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